#Sober My Sobriety Diary with The Gratitude Attitude: Sober Living with Gratitude Tool - With Pink and Gray Mandala Designed Cover Pamela Busby Author
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Sober Living takes work, effort and dedication.Once you've made the decision to be sober, life can take on a new meaning. Staying in gratitude for where you are in your journey and being real can help by helping you to stay in the moment and focusing on the positive.The better we feel about our lives and ourselves, the less likely we are to need a coping mechanism outside of ourselves! That's why finding tools that will help you stay positive are a MUST for staying and living sober.This Sobriety Diary helps you to focus on the positive with daily prompts. It's the perfect helpful tool to keep you in the positive mindframe with thought provoking questions to stay on the road and continue your hard earned progress.This is for sobriety without end. It IS doable. Use the tools available to help you stay out of rehab by daily reflection of the good in your life. Keep notes of what's going good. Stay focused on your path forward one day and step at a time.It includes daily prompts like:Questions about your Health and BodyQuestions about your HousingQuestions about FamilyBeautiful things you saw today20 Big and Small things you are grateful forFriendships you are glad ended and the ones you are grateful for nowYour favorite foods and musicand so much more!If someone you love, or even if that's YOU and you want to love yourself more, USE THIS Sobriety Diary with The Gratitude Attitude to help stay on the path; buy it today!


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