Simple Spiritual Shit: A Guide to Personally Discovering the Bible of the Oldest Religion Joshua Jones Author
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Nature teaches us everything we need to know spiritually. The observations of our Natural World instinctively produce understandings when observed by the human mind. I call them the Books of Our Natural World, and they are my bible. The more of these understandings a person has, the easier it is for them to figure out spiritual shit themselves. I've mapped out the instinctive ability of the human mind, that makes it possible to read from the Books of Our Natural World, with four simple equations. Learn this instinctive ability and step out of civilization to explore our Natural World, it's that easy. Everyone goes through phases where they search for spiritual shit, these equations will get you started.1st Equation (Understandings) = (Human Thought Process) + (Personal Observations)As you observe stuff with your mind, it grows into understandings.2nd Equation (Meditation) = (Human Thought Process) - (Outward Stimuli)As you ignore your senses, your better able to access your mind in meditation.3rd Equation (Knowledge) = (Meditation) + (Understandings)As you meditate on your understandings, they grow into knowledge.4th Equation (Wisdom) = (Life/Time)As you age, you become wiser. If you would like to learn more shit, then buy the book. This book explains a lot of shit, including how meditation actually works. When life gets confusing, meditating on the subject greatly helps.


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