Commonsense Solutions to Life's Challenges Michael J Levy Author
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This book can help you save thousands of dollars, valuable time, and reduce your effort and stress. You can use you commonsense to negotiate the buying or selling of anything on your terms. It can help you resolve consumer complaints and get the best medical, legal and accounting advice. Our great country faces some very serious problems like the COVID-19 Pandemic, civil unrest, foreign adversaries, political issues and an economic crisis. The key to many of these problems is curing the coronavirus. If commonsense was utilized we would have a national mask mandate, social distancing, and a banning of large crowds. This along with strong accurate testing with quick results and contact tracing would have saved thousands of lives and flattened the curve in the first two or three months. We now might have to wait until a vaccine is developed and enough of the population takes it or there is a miracle!We need leaders who possess good judgment, can develop and implement plans based on a well thought out level headed strategy and guided by good commonsense principles. This is what is needed to solve the major issues that threaten our democracy, freedom and economic well being. We are now facing the worst economic crisis since the great depression of the 1930's and the worst health crisis since the great influenza pandemic of 1919.This book will also give a commonsense strategy to solve the hunger problem we have throughout the country.There is also a prediction about the 2020 presidential election and beyond.


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