God's Opportunity - Revised and Expanded Edition: How God Is Pouring Out His Holy Spirit, Reuniting His Church, Evangelizing the World, and Showing Fo
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It is said that man's extremity is God's opportunity. Christianity, at root, at its finest moments, in the finest sense of the word, is Evangelical, what I call straight-Gospel Christianity. Straight-Gospel Christians - whether straight-Gospel Protestants or straight-Gospel Catholics or straight-Gospel Anglicans or straight-Gospel Orthodox - can relate to each other in Christ not just well but in some very deep and profound ways whose foundation is fundamentally that of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Holy Scripture. They are already practically of one heart and of the one mind for which St. Paul pleaded (see I Corinthians 1:10) in imitation of our Lord's earnest prayer for the unity of His disciples (John 17) concerning the Gospel of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ.In fact, St. Paul the Apostle himself - he who was once Saul the fiery and zealous Pharisee (the Pharisees are the ancestors of rabbinical Judaism) testified that in a certain mysterious sense Jews - who, after all, gave us Y'shua - Jesus - whom the early Christians - the followers of the Way - proclaimed as the Messiah (Hebrew mashiach) - are the foremost participants in the Mystery of Salvation (See Romans 9-11), for they were the first to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (See, for instance, Isaiah 52:7-10). Therein lies our hope and our opportunity - and, more to the point, God's opportunity - for a Christian unity which will set the world on fire for Christ.It's God's time. It's Kingdom time. It's the fullness of time. It's God's opportunity!


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