When Heaven meets Earth: Making Meaning of the Marital Journey through the Lens of the Seven Hindu Vows Swarna L. Singhal Ph.D. Author
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What are the driving forces behind your marriage and your interpersonal relationships? Would you like to connect with your partner on a deeper level and further enrich your marriage? If so, When Heaven Meets Earth is a great starting point.Inspired by her 35 years of experience in counseling, her several presentations in India and the U.S. on marriage and interpersonal relationships, and her extensive research on marriage and family, Dr. Singhal describes the skills and practices necessary to create a well-functioning and lasting partnership through the lens of the seven Hindu marriage vows. Though these promises were crucial rituals in her own wedding, it wasn't until decades later that she realized their inherent wisdom.Singhal has expounded on these vows in this book, enriching them with stories from her own marriage and the partnerships of her clients, family and friends. She makes the case that the value of these vows is relevant even in the 21st century and all over the world, arguing that a meaningful marriage is founded on the universal ideals of mutual respect, commitment, trust and the union of two souls.Swarna's curiosity for the original meanings of vows takes us on a journey to ancient India and back. She applies traditional beliefs and wisdom to today's real worlds. Seeking that clarity heightens our appreciation of life, love and self-worth. It's a recipe for all that seek to be loved deep into our core. A nurturing must-read for all!- Darshi Shah, CNT/Author, RIGHT Diet for Autoimmunity


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