Results - by Charlie Baker & Steve Kadish (Hardcover)
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"About the Book ""Working together in top leadership positions in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years, Governor Charlie Baker (Republican) and Steve Kadish (Democrat) developed and honed an approach to getting things done that gets past political and organizational impediments. Distilled into a framework of 4 steps, their practical approach to delivering results is the much-needed implementation guidebook for anyone in public service as well as for managers in large organizations that are overrun by bureaucracy and politics""-- Book Synopsis A Leader's Guide to Executing Change and Delivering Results. Governor Charlie Baker, one of the most popular governors in the United States, with a reputation for getting things done, wants to put the service back into public service: ""Wedge issues may be great for making headlines,"" he writes, ""but they do not move us forward. Success is measured by what we accomplish together. Our obligation to the people we serve is too important to place politics and partisanship before progress and results."" For the Governor and his longtime associate Steve Kadish, these words are much more than political platitudes. They are at the heart of a method for delivering results--and getting past politics--the two developed while working together in top leadership positions in the public and private sectors. Distilled into a four-step framework, Results is the much-needed implementation guide for anyone in public service, as well as for leaders and managers in large organizations hamstrung by bureaucracy and politics. With a broad range of examples, Baker, a Republican, and Kadish, a Democrat, show how to move from identifying problems to achieving results in a way that bridges divides instead of exacerbating them. They show how government can be an engine of positive change and an example of effective operation, not just a hopeless bureaucracy. Results is not only about getting things done, but about renewing people's faith in public service. Empty promises feed disengagement when instead we need confidence in our government and the services it delivers. When a mob attacked the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021, the very core of our democracy and our sense of government were threatened. Demonstrating that government can work--the goal of this book--is vital to ensuring the future of our democracy. Review Quotes ""The book--written by Charlie Baker, governor of Massachusetts and Steve Kadish, former chief of staff for Baker--is a step-by-step manual that leads to sustainable outcomes, examining how to move from identifying problems to actually achieving things."" -- Financial Times Advance Praise for Results: ""Immense capability and personal decency are the hallmarks of Charlie Baker's leadership style, and they're why he's the kind of governor other governors listen to. Any aspiring leader, whether in the public or private sector, will learn [from this book] about the power of purpose and possibility, along with how to pursue real improvements in peoples' lives."" -- Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona ""Governor Baker and Steve Kadish have written a road map to governing and 'getting stuff done, ' with real-life examples of solving real-life problems. This book gives you a seat in the cockpit of government."" -- Michael A. Nutter, former Mayor of Philadelphia; David N. Dinkins Professor of Professional Practice in Urban and Public Affairs, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs ""This book is a master class on making things work better and faster in government. The thinking, methodology, and case studies are delivered at a pace to inspire and be immediately useful."" -- Julie Lorenz, Secretary, Kansas Department of Transportation; Principal Investigator, Transportation Research Board on Innovation Cultures and Scenario Planning Practices ""Results is a powerful distillation of what it takes to get things done. . . . Engaging and inspiring. At a time when people seem to have so little confidence that government can work, Baker and Kadish show how it can!"" -- Nitin Nohria, former Dean, Harvard Business School ""With clear thinking and direct communication, supported by facts and stories, Governor Charlie Baker and Steve Kadish show how government can bring about change and deliver results."" -- Sylvia M. Burwell, President, American University; former Secretary, US Department of Health and Human Services ""This book is a practical and wise source for our time. It can help public servants everywhere to make progress in improving public services that really matter for its citizens."" -- Annette Dixon, Vice President, Human Resources, World Bank Group ""Charlie Baker and Steve Kadish share their approach to delivering results that has enabled Massachusetts to make impressive progress on seemingly intractable problems and made Baker consistently among the most popular governors in the country."" -- Jeffrey Liebman, Malcolm Wiener Professor of Public Policy and "



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