Linux: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learn Linux Operating System, Command Line and Linux Programming Step by Step Ryan Turner Author
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Do you need to learn computer programming skills for your job or want to start it as a hobby? Is this something that is alien to you and leaves you scratching your head in confusion? Do you need something simple, like Linux, to get started?This book will provide the answers you need. Millions of us own computers for a variety of reasons. Some use them for gaming and fun while others are engaged in the serious business of making money. But many simply do not get true value from their computer as they struggle to understand programming and fail to grasp how it could improve their usage in many ways.Inside this book, Linux: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Learn Linux Operating System, Command Line and Linux Programming Step by Step, you will learn a valuable skill that will improve your computing expertise, leading you to discover the basics of Linux through chapters that cover: • How to get started with Linux • Installation and troubleshooting tips and advice • Installing new and exciting software • System administration tasks • Keeping your system secure and building firewalls • An introduction to Cloud computing and technology • And lots more…Learning a computer language need not be a confusing and lengthy process. The basics of it can be learned quickly and with minimal effort and Linux is the book that will lay the foundations for you to become a skilled and proficient programmer, faster than you could have imagined.Get a copy now and start learning Linux today!


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