The Terror of the Handless Corpse William Dale Author
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Loopy Jones had investigated many puzzling cases in his years as a private detective but this, The Terror of the Handless Corpse, was, to quote Loopy, the screwiest of them all. What was the connection between the escape of two public enemies from seemingly escape-proof federal prisons and the faceless, handless corpse that may or may not have been Monte Maroni, reformed gang leader? What link bound Maroni to a multi-millionaire and an eminent scientist? What was the secret of the missing hands, severed from the bodies of murdered men? And above all, was there any connection between these strange happenings and the crime which had shocked the nation five years before--the unsolved Vanderlaugh kidnapping case? Fast-moving, puzzling, this entirely unorthodox story about an entirely unorthodox detective is recommended for the reader who likes his mysteries new and not cut from the old tried and true pattern. This is a unique, baffling tale, strung on a thread of spine-chilling horror.


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