19th Century Map of Bexar County including the City of San Antonio, Texas - A Poetose Notebook / Journal / Diary (50 pages/25 sheets) Poetose Press De
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The cover of this beautiful, slim 4 x 6 50-page notebook features a lovely 19th century map of Bexar County, in the state of Texas, including the city of San Antonio. Here is some of the theory behind the beauty and potential of a blank page: A person can get lost trying to find a home in herself-but then you simply begin to go on as one must go on, and maybe you say a little something to yourself every once in a while just to practice being with words, meeting silence, meeting yourself again, and maybe you frequent empty rooms to familiarize yourself with the meaning of space as in a blank page, and yourself in it, and maybe you scribble like this will help you come home to yourself, but eventually you fit things together, and what made no sense finds its way into something plausible by virtue of its sheer existence.


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