The Case of the Secret Admirer Sandy Heitmeier Thompson Author
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Maya is learning about Groundhog Day on her family's widescreen television with Brett, Blake, and Gavin when she receives a mysterious Valentine's Day card. She thinks one of her friends is playing a joke on her, but each denies having anything to do with it. The plot thickens when Maya receives a second card the next day at school. Of course, Maya is curious about who is sending them. Then, on the way home after school, Maya and the boys meet Coco the dove. They tell Coco about Maya's mysterious cards, and Coco tries to help Maya figure out the identity of her secret admirer. Even though Maya comes up with a list of whom she thinks it could be, the group ultimately can't figure it out. Maya finds more notes over the next several days but still has no idea who is behind them. On Valentine's Day, however, she stumbles upon a very pleasant surprise and solves the mystery once and for all.


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