Game of Love and Other Short Stories Suzanne Joy Author
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Come along to a funeral where a eulogy speaker almost confesses all. Or believing you're alone when you sense you are not and hear a bump. Where an after dinner party's activity turn deadly. When emotions of love and hate run high. One wonders where does one draws the line in the game of love. Or when time cheats you due to circumstances beyond your control and it's too late. There is no justice and knowing through order and method is the only path to a peaceful mind. These five stories of suspense and murder will leave the reader only wanting more. These tales reach out to display the human side of deep emotions that make the characters respond in the way that they do. There is never a reason why some humans behave as they do when pushed too far or need to protect when placed in a situation. So, reader, join in with these characters as they discover their own abilities to achieve their goals. And see how well they perform.


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