The Marriage of Science and the Bible: Is Science Complete Without the Bible? David J. Berg Author
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The Marriage of Science and the Bible is an adventure in new concepts. I invite you to explore them with me. We will investigate God's scientific credentials. We will witness his authority over physical science. We will see how he is applying the logic of science to human history. Our Creator introduced the scientific method. Examining his predictions (hypotheses), we can judge their accuracy across 4,000 years of human history. Evaluate use of science of history. Begin with secrets of the universe revealed long before modern satellites. Inspect a mathematically specific prediction of the coming of Jesus Christ. Does the Creator speak in absolutes? Does absolute truth exist? Consider the complexity of predicting the themes of history and future events. No man can do it. Recognize the unparalleled importance of God's expansion of science. Discover Jesus's description of biblical biology, biblical physics, and biblical chemistry, in God's design for human life. Consider why the availability of the Bible in the languages of Northern Europe resulted in the birth of modern science. Follow the flaw in human philosophy to Darwin's theory. Is it important that astrophysicists are linking the biblical account of creation with twentieth and twenty-first-century scientific discoveries? Personally confirm the science of history by viewing God's hypotheses and current events in Israel. Discover the purpose of human history. It's an adventure in reality!


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