A Man Named Sam Michael Gentile Author
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Our children have many different teachers. School teachers, coaches, trainers, tutors and the church pastor are easy to see. Some are friends, classmates and special people we meet unexpectedly. Some are members of our family, and some are like Sam. At first glance he may not be someone who you would recognize as a teacher or someone that has any notion as to what the difference between right and wrong is. He may not even be someone you might like or merely someone to hang out with on a rainy Saturday afternoon. His appearance tricks you into thinking he's not worth getting to know. Actually, Sam has a lesson to teach us all. Hoping to find someone to accept him for who he is, not for what he has, Sam creates a plan to achieve his dream. He wants someone to share his life with, not just his treasures. Sam takes away all his beautiful possessions and turns his appearance from wealthy to ordinary. The big house on the hill, the designer clothes, and rare trinkets are all temporarily set aside in order to find someone who loves him for who he is. He puts on average, unassuming clothes, walks down from the house on the hill. He sits there and waits for kindness. Judging someone by how they look, where they live, or how they choose to spend their time isn't fair to yourself or the people around you. Our eyes must be open and optimistic in order to see kindness and give kindness. Sam shows us what is truly important: knowing someone's heart. Judging someone by where they live or the clothes they wear keeps us from truly understanding who they are.


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