Two Wheels and Fresh Air: The Adventures of a Rider Eddie Loyd Author
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As I traveled across the prairie coming out of Socorro, New Mexico, the morning sun was just beginning to rise in the east. The powerful V-twin and the cool morning air made me feel so alive. It was at this moment that, as the sun lit the mountains with a purple glow to my left and a herd of antelope galloped across the plains to my right, that Ray Charles singing America came across my speakers. All I could do was pull over, sit there in quiet solitude, and look around as this song played and think how lucky I am to live in this amazing country and to see its beauty. This was one of the most moving experiences I have ever felt in my many trips across this country. My trusty motorcycle named Traveler has taken me on so many wonderful adventures. My hope is that this book will inspire you to take off on your own adventures and live your life with no regrets.


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