Dragon Bound: Large Print Edition Glenn Birmingham Author
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LARGE PRINT EDITION. The hidden city of dragons.Arten is a young girl whose body courses with powerful magic. After escaping religious zealots who wanted to burn her alive with the help of a shapeshifting dragon, she finds herself in a new danger from a city full of draconic beasts who covet her power for their own.Stekin was once the lord of all dragons, but he returns to find his city in shambles and danger lurking around every corner. The haven he once sought to protect is falling apart, and only with the help of his young human ward can he hope to pull it back together.Even as their enemies close in on them, Arten is faced with an even greater peril. If she cannot learn to tame the power within her, she'll flare out and die. But even if she succeeds, how will she escape a lifetime in thrall to some brutish dragon that awaits her?Dragon Bound is a nail-biting fantasy adventure full of dragons, magic, and the iron will of one small girl who will not be held down. Buy it today to prevent your own inner magic from flaring!


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