The Destruction of the United States The Key Author
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The Key: Half-breed born in NO man's Land Indian Territory. Half from Texas & half from Oklahoma both with Chickamuaga ancestors-Cherokee Stock that did not want to be CIVILIZED! Seen the war between the haves and have-nots in Europe. Is that not what they are trying to get us to fight over now? And wanted no part of it!Started migrating in the 1700's. To the Washita River and grants given by Spain to my father's side of family (and tribe), got along just fine with the Comanches, chased different resources traded every year. Three major migrations to Ghost town of Cherokee Town in OK. Two from Texas and one from Civil War, too close to the Comanches, neither army wanted to go there. My grandfather moved the family to Norman OK in a covered wagon from Texas because of racism. Oklahoma is a home of the red man. Father was a bombardier in WWII, there was a time that if you worked for the Air Force, my mother's name was on the bottom of your check. One of five siblings, #4, three brothers (all dead) were cadets and vets, sister was an engineer on B-1As. Raised as a white man, before school and after spent a lot of time at Chickasaw lady's feet. Times I know of my Heavenly Father pinching His fingers keeping me alive, mother unable to nurse me, 6 or 7, leg caught in between blades on a disc, (out of house) scull crushed about the sizes of a cue ball, beaten and battered and left for dead, twice. 1st one i probably deserved, 2nd time, they thought I was somebody else. Two Ginny-pig heart ops. Total of 17 hrs under. But the best part of my life is the fact that I had a GIFTED TEACHER teach me how to rightly divide God's word. II Timothy 2:15


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