The True Story of the Vietnam War and One Man's Sufferings George Konaf Author
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This is a true story about what George Konaf thought about the truth of the Vietnam War before he would die of Agent Orange. He now walks with a cane for support. He wanted to tell you how the PX and the man who ran the Army, who was in charge of the whole Army, and every Marine, and Air Force, the general who assisted the president of the US, and how crooked he was, and all the other generals who made millions from every war. In my mind, all of them didn't care for the people of the US. What made me sick was that some of these kids went to war, but only a few actually went. The general and commander never told the US how Vietnam's Agent Orange kills, desert wars had bad effects on the soldiers, and uranium was the only weapon that would kill the enemy (Afghanistan) and other enemies that fought in the desert. They never told the soldiers of each war that within two to three years, they would be impotent for the rest of the lives. I, George Konaf, have been impotent now for thirty years, and in my mind, I should have been killed in Vietnam. But now, I am glad I was not and can tell the true story of these men, high ranking, and millionaires. The crooks who run this country. At last, I am writing to die. I am getting weaker every day, and now I need a cane to hold me up. If I had to do it again, I would, for my country and for my fellow Americans who are living here. I am a true American. And now that I told my story, I am ready to die.


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