Proud to Be Me Rosalinda: Part II Jesse Moreno Author
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Rosalinda's passion for boxing has made her a star, both in the United States and her country of Mexico. And although her dream of being a professional boxer has come true, her life remains filled with challenges and obstacles while defending her world title.Rosalinda is now faced with betrayals of the heart by the one she loved the most, her boyfriend, but through her trainer, she finds the strength and the determination to continue her passion of boxing. She can also take solace given the knowledge that her archnemesis, Echo, is incarcerated for her crimes against Rose and Rob.In part two of Proud to Be Me: Rosalinda, our heroine faces two challengers, one from the United States and the other from her own country. Both challengers, undefeated and wanting to strip her of her title, are making statements to the media with words of hatred, punishing Rose like no one has ever done to her.Rosalinda continues her training and doesn't let anything stop her from getting better, but will she remain the champion and keep her stardom for her country and the United States?


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