If You Don't Like Lemonade, Stop Buying Lemons Gilbert Rosenfeld Author
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Ever since the beginning of the world, man has contained within him an insatiable desire to be the captain of his own ship and master of his own fate. It's a natural flaw in man in our fallen state. It really becomes problematic when pride prevents one from looking outside their selves for help or for the correct answers in life. It's not that God has abandoned us with no direction or answers, it is simply the failure to launch in oneself a humbling posture to allow us to receive that which God has given to us freely-his wisdom. "If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him" (Jas 1:5, ESV).After years of history on display, man makes the same mistake every day. He understands what faith is and knows how to apply it but fails to seek out wisdom to point him in the right direction to place his faith. Where you place your faith determines the directions your path of life will be. Will you travel the long, hard, pothole-ridden dusty road, or the well-paved, smooth, and straight road that sojourners decided to take before you to success. Why not follow them and make it easier on yourself?The book is my commentary of examples from my life where it seemed I always did it the hard way. Taking the wrong road because I trusted my feelings instead of the trusted GPS (men never stop to ask for directions). I wrote this book from my failures and my search for truth to help others reach for wisdom in decision-making processes. Of course, everyone still has that great gift from God of freedom of choice to make decisions in what they think is right. In the end, it may lead to the lemonade stand. (Proverbs 14:12)


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