THE NEW MACHIAVELLI Herbert (H) George (G) WELLS Author
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The New Machiavelli purports to be written in the first person by its protagonist, Richard Dick Remington, who has a lifelong passion for statecraft and who dreams of recasting the social and political form of the English nation. Remington is a brilliant student at Cambridge, writes several books on political themes, marries a wealthy heiress and enters parliament as a Liberal influenced by the socialism of a couple easily recognisable as the Webbs, only to go over to the Conservatives. Remington undertakes the editing of an influential political weekly and is returned to parliament on a platform advocating the state endowment of mothers but his career is wrecked by his love affair with a brilliant young Oxford graduate, Isabel Rivers. When rumours of their affair begin to circulate, Remington tries to break it off but then resolves to abandon wife, career, party and country to live in Italy, where he writes the apologia pro vita sua that the novel constitutes.THE WORLD'S POPULAR CLASSICSiBoo Press House uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work. We preserve the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. All THE WORLD'S POPULAR CLASSICS are unabridged (100% Original content), designed with a nice cover and a large font that's easy to read. Printed on fine grandwood paper, bound in neat and attractive style. You may visit H.G. Well's page at to see most of his titles.Hardback edition of this title is also available (978-1-64226-259-9)


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