Boundless: A Middang3ard Series Michael Anderle Author
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Would you go against everything you believe in to save the world?Alex has learned the true power of the Vardis' weapon and it is terrifying, for Vardis wishes to unleash death itself.Death comes in many forms.The weapon will unleash the Kin...a deadly race of elder monsters. The Kin are powerful enough to destroy the Dark One, but once unleashed, can they be stopped?Saving the world will mean losing everything.Alex has a choice to make - stop the weapon and Vardis by betraying everyone she loves, or let the alien set off the weapon and hope it will not end all life, everywhere.Join Alex and the others as they traverse their most dangerous battle ever! Scroll up and join this thrilling ride today!Go up and click Read Now or Download for Free and find out what happens when you cross a desperate wizard with a willing fighter accepting the call to be the best when she is needed the most.


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