Spooky Sweet - Audiobook, by Connie Shelton
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Now that Samantha Sweet has a contract to provide her special handmade chocolates for the wealthy jet-set clients of Book It Travel, Sweets Sweets bakery is taking on a whole new dimension. Only problem, Sam isnt ready. Its almost Halloween, and her pastry shop is bursting at the seams. She needs extra employees, but there is no place to put them. Right before the witching day, she comes upon a large Victorian house she can adapt for the business, and it seems her problem is solved. But is it? The mysterious, spooky noises at night are way more than the normal creaks and groans of an old building. Something else is going on, and Sam suspects it may be related to her husbands newest case, investigating where an abandoned duffle bag crammed full of cash came from.Beau is dealing with a greedy reward-seeker, a robbery with no leads, and a waif who appears and vanishes. Sams mystery has her watching for ghosts and working almost around the clock. Is she relying on magic? Well, occasionally.



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