The Hidden Mystery: Finding the Mystery Code to What Lies Beneath Paul Hillman Author
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Finding a mystery that is hidden is like sleeping and dreaming. Mystery lies beyond deep thinking. In this book, the author illustrates the mystery of a young boy and how he gets to his destiny. Only those who have an aim, a passion, and a desire will face the challenge, the fear, and the obstacles in pursuing their dream to their destiny. Find out the secret to the hidden mystery and how Martin Bowman overcome his fear in finding the secret code to the hidden mystery. Gifts, dreams, and talents are all hidden on the inside. After reading this book, you will be inspired with the courage, the urge, and the passion in stepping out of your fear and stepping out on faith in following your dream toward your destiny. Everything that you need to find in life is already in you. You have to be willing to dig deep, beyond, and above to find what you need for your destiny.


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