God's Influence in the Powerful 7: A Novel: Something Special about the Number Seven as Influenced by God and Shared in Writing J. Andy Welch Author
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George begins to understand that his experiences involving the number Seven are not coincidental. One morning, he shares with Carol, his wife, that nightly, he wakes up in the early hours of morning, and the clock reads 2:32 a.m. I lay there awake until I pray for the Lord to help me get some rest, and then I almost immediately go back to sleep. Why is this happening? Why do I wake up at the same time every night? Something very strange is going on here for certain. And it came to him that two plus three plus two equals Seven. Why is that becoming so significant to me? he asks. He turns to the Bible for references on Seven and realizes the number Seven is in the Bible hundreds of times. For six days God created the heavens and earth, and rested on the Seventh day. Seven is the sign of completion, of success. God sanctified that number, and it became sacred. God had His six-day plan laid out and followed His plan to success, the Seventh day. Many life-changing events turned to success and became reality as George prayed and leaned on the number Seven. The community became aware of his ministry, and he was asked to speak before audiences. He began helping and guiding others to eliminate addiction, financial woes, marital confrontations, weight loss, and other problems in their lives, all empowering Seven. There is a time of suspense, a time for laughter, and a time for the eyes to swell with tears in this reading.


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