My Plan For Living To 156: Imaginatively extend your lifetime to transform how you live in the present Dan Sullivan Author
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You have a number—we all do. Once your brain locks onto your imagined lifespan, your body accepts it as fact. You create your number based upon family history, genetics, or averages. This number shapes the way you view the world: relationships, finances, retirement—everything. But what if you could extend your number? The result would be astounding. Everything could change.The idea in this book has revolutionized the lives of tens of thousands of people. You might even say it has added years to their lives—literally. Although it could sound a bold claim, in their own words, here are just 10 quick benefits readers often experience when they apply this content. They…1.    Stop feeling nostalgic about the past 2.    Start feeling excited about the future 3.    Increase their awareness about being healthy and fit 4.    Experience milestones they’ve only dreamed of 5.    Improve the quality of their relationships 6.    Expand their earning potential 7.    Reshape their thinking and mindset 8.    Improve their energy levels 9.    Feel less stress and pressure 10.  Gain a new appreciation and optimism for lifeWhat you believe shapes how you live—or, in this case, how long you live. Isn't it time you extended your life? Give yourself that gift, starting today! 


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