The Third Testament - A Woman's Testimony with Mankind- Diamonds in the Grass - Book One - Lin Reeves-Spencer Author
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Beware! You may lose your sensibility. Look in the eyes of the three women. When you gather enough courage, take a deep breath . . . and board this crudely carved tuc tuc. Might it be the gateway to unfold mysterious life forms? The river will charm you. Allow untold beauty of this rain forest flora to lure your imagination into the physical warfare . . .If you dare, release all fears, as they have become untruths onto your soul. Now join these two journeys, two strands, each inseparably intertwined. Hold onto the rope . . .Spencer continues her lifelong travail in pursuit to clarify, and to meld confusion, of her being, into an understandable life path. Then emergence of a mysterious physical illness leads her into the grips of yet another journey.This story includes other women that you met earlier in the boat. You all provide rungs of Spencer’s ladder ascending to her goal . . . and yours. A most important character in this more concrete journey is a man—fascinating but in a miasma of evil and involved in shocking developments.Based on truth, the fabulous scuba dives, including playful dolphin, romantic getaways, and captured daydreams—all the while drug overlords of greed will excite your primal juices. You are guaranteed to greet invisible spirits of the inner spaces, own your wanderlust, and resolve restlessness of mind travel. Between the excitement and exaggerations concerning some of the extraordinary incidents belonging to this physical odyssey, are you now able to own fabrication of past remembrances, or are they allegoric in nature?This hauntingly written and gripping history of a unique journey will remain with the reader long after the final page is turned.


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