Moments that Matter: A roadmap for caregivers and their loved ones with memory loss Karen Cochran Beaulieu Author
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Encouragement and Enlightenment for the Caregiver Moments that Matter is a roadmap for caregivers and their loved ones with memory loss Experience the Journey: - Gain knowledge of memory loss and dementia - Discover how to create significant moments for you and your loved one - Learn and apply down-to-earth cognitive deficit tools and memory techniques - Realize the value of true-to-life examples while facing the challenging roles of caregivers and their loved ones - Consider a multitude of age-appropriate and ability-appropriate activities The caregiver's task is not an easy one; confusion, frustration, heartbreak, and behavioral issues will present roadblocks each and every day. However, there are ways to enhance the quality of life for those who suffer with memory loss and dementia. Moments that Matter offers unique and intentional activities that will result in moments of joy for everyone traveling this challenging pathway. This is a must-have reference guide for those entrusted with the care of their loved ones with cognitive deficits. Its step-by-step approach for making special moments is an excellent source for anyone desiring to finish well in life. - Dr. Joanne Studer, Licensed Psychologist and memory specialist


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