Jemmy And The Little Spider Of Hope Sergio Diaz Author
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These are ancient times. Kings and wise men are searching the sky because the stars are predicting a very special night.Meet Jemmy, a mischievous little mouse that finds a tiny spider, bright as a star.Well, this tiny spider has a mission to accomplish, and our little boy is more than ready to assist her and help her fulfill her purpose.The journey starts in a temple, with an evil rat minister and hundreds of roman rat soldiers set to stop them at all cost.Then our adventure continues in Egypt, with a beautiful green lizard pharaoh and a baby falcon god.At the end, Jemmy and his friends will witness an event of utmost importance: the birth of a very special star!With enticing artwork by the author, this book will have children immersing and enjoying stories of the old scriptures once again, like the kings and wise men of ancient times.


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