A Battle to Walk in Heaven: A Story of Faith Based on True Life Happenings Blake L. Hillmann Author
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Some stories simply need to be written down, like this one for example.If we were to sit down for a cup of coffee and I started sharing this story with you, soon, your mind would be wondering-wondering why your thoughts keep picturing an ornate wooden wall clock with an animated little bird comically piping up every so often.But if I hand you this story when we sit down for our coffee, you may open the tale and become intrigued. So much so that you decide to stay for a while. In fact, to compliment your coffee, you order a slice of pie with discussion.This is a story of a battle between good and evil, heaven and hell. This is one account told of what took place when the powers behind these two worlds collided upon one earthbound soul. And for those who believe, there is seen a glimpse of what is yet to come.May peace be with you.


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