Wear That Crown, Girl: God wants you to thrive in your singleness season instead of waiting for a man to make you happy or fill all your needs. Anna P
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Your singleness season does not have to be a downer; God wants you to thrive in your royal identity.The purpose of the book is for those who are single and waiting for their prince charming. In the book, I dive deeper to explore how sometimes our association to marriage is tied to our happiness. The book reveals the lies that we've believed that if we have met our partner, then we will live happily ever after. Nobody can make us truly happy and meet all our needs outside of Christ. Also, I'm going into detail of describing that if our foundation isn't built first on the Word of God, then it's hard to build up without a strong foundation. Setting our foundation first prepares us for the future filled with blessings. Knowing our identity will be instrumental of that foundational piece that will help us to launch the calling on our lives by helping us identify who we are as daughters of a king. I hope this book encourages other single ladies during their season of waiting to thrive in their royal identity as His royal daughter.


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