The God of the Gaps: Understanding Science through the Lens of Religion and Politics Zahra Mesrizadeh Author
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Science: the one subject that should be untouched by human opinion and bias. Unfortunately, the realm of science doesn't live up to this gold standard because it often gets intertwined with religion and politics. Facts are questioned in the face of political agendas and, in the presence of the unknown, mysticism swoops down. Have you ever wondered how humanity got this way? Why are we so compelled to reference a higher power and why can't we remove political bias from scientific issues like climate change? The God of the Gaps: Understanding Science through the Lens of Religion and Politics: Explores the origins of our search for spiritualityTackles the question of whether we'll ever extricate science from the greedy hands of politicsDelves into how to discern reality in the post-truth eraConfronts the human penchant for ignoring cognitive barriersDiscusses the importance of diversity in all fieldsScience is in the air you are breathing as you read this sentence. It is in your thoughts for the future of the planet that our children will inherit. Uncover how historical events, religion, and politics have influenced the interpretation of science, and how we can learn from, and overcome, these barriers as a society.


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