Devil Prince Wants A Hug: Volume 4 Liu Lihuo Author
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After crossing the first day, he was forced into a bridal sedan and married to a sick ghost. On the same day they were forced to pay their respects to a pig. Wait, what's the meaning of having such a sturdy body that weighed 150 jins? He had somehow gotten involved in a battle for the music score and the ancient divine tools' whirlpool!What the hell, does Big Sis really think that Big Sis is a sick cat if I don't show off?! The White Lotus Sisters were courting death! If you can't accept it, I will torture you a thousand times, and make you cry for your parents! Sick husband, if you take a break, you'll end up in the cold palace! Sis wants to lose weight from now on to become beautiful, turn over to make the decision! But, wait … What's going on with this sick ghost grabbing onto my shirt the moment I stepped out of the door? Love concubine, you dare to leave, this king … This King will immediately vomit blood! Why was there something wrong with this scene?


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