The Light Side of the Oneness Margaret Rogers Van Coops Ph.D DCH (IM) Author
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This book will blow your mind as you learn to understand how simple, yet complicated The Oneness is! Discover how the Planes of Evolution affect your Soul Coding and DNA every second. Understand why we each must pass through 49 Levels to become one with God. Earth is the Forth Plane of Evolution where The Dark & amp; The Light combine in an ever-evolving lesson of emotional turmoil, where friction creates new forms. See how the Seven Planes of Evolution allow Fragments to interact in various lives on Earth and within The Lower & amp; Upper Astral Levels where lessons are assimilated. Within The Oneness, energy is constantly rebalanced under the command of The Prime Fragment, we call God. Read how important and precious you are to the existence of The Oneness.


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