Songs In The Night Dottie Rexford Author
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There are moments in life when joy, peace, and purpose are ripped from your heart and soul, and you are left with nothing. When Bethany's husband, Hadley, dies, she stands in that place. She is empty. Having a tenuous relationship with God and determined to find her way out of sorrow and to become whole again, Bethany searches for a rescuing rope of acceptance and strength from her past experiences and an unwavering pursuit to grasp the fullness of God. Her journey winds through memories of a mother's death and the transport from a loving home into the hands of a stern and authoritarian grandmother, a weak grandfather, and a favored cousin Clarissa. She remembers her first taste of love-James. Young love. Hidden love with disastrous results. And she brings forth from a deep and almost forgotten place in her heart, memories of the tender stories of Jesus her mother told while they sat together after dark in her mother's rocker on the lawn. She envisions the stars they named. The songs they sang. Their songs in the night. Pocketed pieces of God. Complications arise. A returned jealous and dying cousin. James. A former abused classmate. A tormented mentor. Will Bethany survive and find joy, or will she drown in a tumultuous river of grief? In a compelling story of a broken woman, Dottie Rexford captures the anguish and yearnings of all who struggle to regain a sense of strength, peace, and truth within their hearts.


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