Fart Book: Blaster! Boomer! Slammer! Popper! Banger!: Farting Is Funny Comic Illustration Books For Kids With Short Moral Stories For Children El Ninj
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Whether you're a professional butt-whistler...or simply can't resist impressing your friends every now and then with a face-melting fart...you'll laugh out loud at this hilarious book with dozens of amazing illustrations.You (& Your Kids) Will Laugh Out Loud!Learn from the master of bottom-burping disaster himself - Digo El Ninjo - as he demonstrates all 22 different kinds of farts (and the perfect situations to use them to your stinky advantage) like these:The Wake Upper Popper The Straight Up Breakfast Table Shot The Flying Carpet The Backpack Burster The Gasification In The Car The Neighbour Detonator The Imaginary Bone Shot Or Fart Expressionism The Lego Blower The Eruption In The Chicken Coop The Hand Stinker The Marshmallow Shooter and many more steamy bean blowing fart episodes WARNING: Don't forget to check your shorts after you finish The Fart Book...because you'll laugh so hard you might be farting yourself for the rest of the day!Purchase The Fart Book right now for your kids while this low introductory price is still available.


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