Nimble Leader Volume III: Position Your Business! Andrew Ortyn Author
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Throughout  Nimble Leader  (six volume series), we explore key concepts that have proven to be practical, useful, and applicable to achieving sustained improvement in business performance over the long term.   In Volume III: Position Your Business, you will harness the power of alternative perspectives.  Market Position and positioning your business is everything!  Do it well, and like a tree planted by still waters, your business will grow, flourish, and expand at a dramatic rate.  You will reap significant rewards in customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, first-to-market innovation, strong brand identity, and a vibrant organizational climate as happy employees – who can hardly wait to get to work because they are involved in something bigger than themselves – serve the needs of customers who would be at a loss without the products and services offered by your company.  In reading Volume III of Nimble Leader, you will explore both a roadmap and a process to help mark your way as you position your business.  You will move from theory to application.  You will learn how to deconstruct closely held perspectives; uncover the value of different points of view; and then use this understanding of value to build a robust Statement of Market Position – the signature identity for your business in a crowded and noisy marketplace.  Importantly, you will link what your business stands for in the minds of your customers to what they are willing to pay for your company’s products and services.  The CASH transaction is the great clarifier. Customers will only execute the sale if they believe what they are getting is of greater value than what they are giving up – namely CASH.  Volume III of Nimble Leader makes this critical connection.  


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