A Woman of Grace - Large Print by Katenia Fitzgerald (Paperback)
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"Book Synopsis Katenia Fitzgerald is pleased to announce her inaugural book release of A Woman of Grace and A Woman of Grace Devotional Workbook. Katenia shares biblical and doctrinal insight on the meaning of the Grace of God. She shares heartfelt testimonials on the journey of Grace in her life. She reveals that a revelation of the transforming power of the Grace of God can empower you to live out your God-ordained destiny daily! She invites you in the A Woman of Grace Devotional Workbook to embark upon a journey of self-discovery. She invites you to be renewed in your mind as you work through Scriptures regarding God's Grace that's available to all that call upon Him. Take the leap of faith! Invest in your personal growth and experience bing ""A Woman of Grace!"" The Woman of Grace Power Pack includes: A Woman of Grace Book (autographed copy) A Woman of Grace Devotional Workbook Finally, an Original Woman of Grace T-shirt all for $40.00. Specialty Woman of Grace Blinged T-shirt is available at an additional cost of 5.00 per shirt."



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