Show Time in Story Town M. Catherine Bunton Author
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HONORARY AWARD WINNER - NEW YORK FESTIVAL OF BOOKS! It's here! An enchanted new place in children's literature called StoryTown. Here fairy tales live in flowers, trees are castle towers, and a child can pass the hours climbing a stardust ladder to Dreamland. In StoryTown, it's fun to make-believe because every night here is like Christmas Eve. In Rainbow Book Number Five, secrets and surprises unfold as they explore StoryTown and meet a great new group of kids. Ride along on this SunShip flight with our favorite rescue team, The Little Maestro, Star Girl, The Butterfly Peddler, and the whole gang on a journey to save the trees of the rainforests. Watch for a steel rainbow and meet the terrific St. Lou Crew. Because you believe in the magic of rainbows, it's finally time, time for Show Time in StoryTown! Don't miss the fun and excitement of all the Rainbow Books: Book 1.....The Little Maestro Book 2.....Star Girl Book 3.....The Butterfly Peddler Book 4.....The Fairy Tale Keeper Book 5.....Show Time in StoryTown


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