BooYoung and Sea Turtle's Adventure: God's Creatures' Adventures Series 1 Grace S. Roh Author
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BooYoung is a cute and playful five-year-old boy who lives in Costa Rica with his missionary parents. They are learning Spanish so they can go Bolivia where God called them to serve. One day BooYoung and his parents are watching Finding Nemo on TV. While watching the movie, he becomes fascinated with sea turtles. Since his family lives near the Caribbean, he prays eagerly every day that he could see a real green turtle! Tales about the marvels of creatures captivate me. I marvel at the way God's hand has created not only people but all of creation, especially living things. I am filled with awe and wonder toward our God, as skilled writers bring his handiwork to life. Grace Roh wonderfully has done this for us in the delightful, informative story of a young child and a sea turtle. She helps the reader sense tension and struggle within the child and also the sea turtle. In addition to this engaging story, thoughtful guiding questions are included to help young readers realize God's majesty in what He has made. - Dr. Scottie May, Associate Professor, Christian Formation & Ministry, Wheaton College, Illinois Grace S. Roh has been married to Rev. Seok-Jong Hong for 16 years. She graduated from Liberty University in Virginia with a BS in youth ministry and from Liberty Theological Seminary with an MA in religion. She also earned an MA in educational ministries from Wheaton Graduate School in Illinois. She has been a pastor of children for 18 years, both in the United States and in Bolivia, where she has been a missionary for the past seven years.Publisher's website:


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