Along the Road-Tales of the Journey: A Life Review WORKBOOK for Individuals and Groups N. Thomas Johnson-Medland Author
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Along the Road-Tales from the Journey is a practical guide for patients and families going through some very serious and difficult issues. It is here to enable focus and meaning in a time that is fraught with confusion and pain. It is also for people who are not involved in hospice--people that recognize the value of keeping track of the journey for others to have in case they should suddenly be removed from the trail of life. It is for those who recognize the personal value in journaling their days for self-reflection and perspective. It is for those who know they are dying, and for those whose dying is a long ways off. This workbook is a series of prompts that will help you notice the trail markers in your life and journey. It is a guidebook that you will write to show others the path you have taken. It is a place to reveal who you are so others may learn. So, go at it with a poetic relish for words and the telling.


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