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After four years in the military young Andy Brody enlistment was at an end. He returns to St. Louis only to find himself unemployed with a stigma that comes from being in the military during a war time. The atrocities he was witness to, made it a challenge to readjust in the civilian world. Some of the casualties he suffered in his life were his marriage, and his basic dignity. After several months of looking for a job in the city the hopes he had, was diminished. When he realized the pain was too much to bear. He finally decided to end it all. While getting drunk on a park bench for his final time he realizes what his problem was. He didn’t need a job he had one. He realized he had a job, one of importance one that not only helps people. It would also help him readjust to civilian world.He becomes a liaison between renters and landlords giving an honest effort in making things right between the two. As he does this he also rehabilitates himself and finds himself a hero and re-establishes his emotions he had for the only woman he ever loved. Using the technique, and training he received in the military he was able to help others (renter and landlords) to do the right thing. This is his story, how one man can make a difference.


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