Why Variable Annuities Don't Work the Way You Think: Hidden Dangers That Can Devastate Retirees CFP, Jeffre Voudrie Jeffrey D. Author
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“This is a MUST READ for anyone even considering a variable annuity.” Annuity salespeople certainly know how to deliver a persuasive sales pitch. But this book is designed to give you the other side of the variable annuity story. Our viewpoint is unique and quite frankly, goes against the industry grain. Granted, many respected advisors firmly believe that variable annuities are good for consumers. But our opinion is quite different. In the end, only you can decide what is best for your situation. But if you don’t know all the facts, how can you make an informed decision? I’m going to give you facts you can’t readily find anywhere else, certainly not from the advisors that sell variable annuities. And I do it in simple, easy-to-understand language so you can understand the practical impact. Designed to be read in 1-2 hours, many questions such as ‘Do variable annuities really guarantee a 7% return?” can be answered IN MINUTES.


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