You got photos? You got prints? You ain't got S.H.I.T.* *Some Heavy Intellectual Testimony Timothy A. Bowen Author
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It is a multitude of episodes that range from war stories to verbal assaults on management by a cop who failed to grasp the big picture. Instead he stood for truth, justice and the American way (Yeah right). As you read you will drink free coffee, meet robbers who don’t blend, burglars eaten by canines, a real magic bullet, a Captain fleeing from the mere sight of our hero and every other aspect of police life one longs to know. I know this to be true because I was that cop. Being a GI brat and raised all over the country in jerk water towns did nothing to prepare me for the City of Angels. Interesting name as I found none during my tenure. The street was the greatest classroom a man/woman could ever have and my true education took place there. Those years, those streets led me to becoming an awesome story teller, a happy retiree and a multi-tasking suppository as I did cause shit to happen. These three paragraphs tell you who I am, what I am, and where I am (mentally and spiritually) and that is the who, what and where we writers and cops try to cover. My name is Tim Bowen and I approve of this message.


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