What It Means To Be Black: A 365 Day Journey Kingsley A. Waring Author
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What does it mean to be Black? A question that seems as massive as answering how many stars are in the Universe. This book was born out of a necessity to ensure that people of all races, creeds, colors, classes, genders, spiritual beliefs, political views, or distinctly unique understandings, REMEMBER. Remember the fact that Humanity and every discipline thriving today (from science, technology, the arts, warfare, the spoken & written word, and countless more) can trace its origin to the millions of people born of African descent who even to this day are systematically, socially, and spiritually blinded to the magnitude of our influence upon this world. Remember the fact that the world as we know it is larger than the contacts we may have in our smart phones. Remember the fact that Humanity is a gift to be cherished and appreciated, not to be treated with disregard or disdain. This is a book about celebrating one's heritage and history. This is a book to ensure that future generations gain more than money or privilege from the blood, sweat, prayers, and tears that their ancestors lived, fought, struggled, and died for. This is a book about gaining knowledge of Who You Are. This is a book to remind us to teach our children, our parents, our friends, and our enemies about our God given foundation. This is a book about being UPLIFTED!!!! 'WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BLACK: A 365 DAY JOURNEY', is geared for all ages, races, creeds & religions which is what makes it such a great literary work. Instead of attempting to answer this wide-ranging question, Mr. Waring set aside 365 days to collect almost 100 insightful, informative, and exciting responses to this question from a plethora of African-American men and women of all ages & backgrounds. This book reads like a written time capsule, allowing the reader to simply collect the thoughts of thus select group of people and come to his or her own answer to the ever popular question, 'what does being black mean to Black People?' 'WHAT IT MEANS TO BE BLACK: A 365 DAY JOURNEY' is a delightful and necessary investment in your quest for knowledge.


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