Two in the Kitchen (Williams-Sonoma) : A Cookbook for Newlyweds by Jordan, Dufault, Christie Mackay
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With an elegant design, colorful illustrations, gorgeous photography, and a charismatic young couple, Jordan Mackay and Christie Dufault, writing friendly and helpful text, this title looks and feels like a gift and is filled with classic recipes and modern information for newlyweds. Jordan and Christie draw on their experience--he's a wine and spirits writer and she's a sommelier and instructor at the CIA in Greystone--to add contemporary topics to the mix, such as a focus on drinks, how to set up a home bar, and how to cook happily with your spouse and entertain family and friends. Besides a diverse array of 150 recipes for every occasion and taste, each chapter opens with a handful of prose recipes offering inspirational ideas for quick dishes--from smoothies and scrambles to crostini and sparkling drinks--and speak to contemporary cooks. Practical advice, like how to sharpen knives, take care of cutting boards, and store food in the freezer, and fun ideas like creating a music playlist for a dinner with friends are presented in short, easy-to-read sidebars throughout the front of the book. TOC Frontmatter] The kitchen (organizing the kitchen, equipment and tools, the cupboard, storing food) Cooking tips and tricks (following a recipe, gauging doneness, seasoning) Cooking happily together (planning a meal, divvying up tasks, cleaning up) Wine and cheese guide (wine varietals, serving wine, pairing wine with food, cheese plates) Setting up the bar / drink primer Breakfast & Brunch prose recipes: smoothies and egg scrambles Drinks & Nibbles prose recipes: sparkling cocktails and finger foods Dinners for Two prose recipes: main course salads and sandwiches Dinners with Friends prose recipes: simple sides Holidays prose recipes: cookies and hot drinks Backmatter] Basic recipes Ingredient prep and storage Basic techniques Doneness charts Glossary Index


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