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These Inspiration Quotes, original in content will serve as a ship at sea in the midst of Human existence. Some will lift burdens, bringing relief to troubled minds, you my fellow traveler will realize that faith is exercised although at times not realized of its use. To suffering people: Only Christ perspective can replace the hurt with ease and rejoicing, giving new hope and faith for better days. To those seeking: Only Christ Salvation can change you from who you are to what you should be, helping you to participate more fully in the affairs of your existence as you Walk With Me On Life's Highway. Rev. Arthur C. Goddard is the pastor of First Baptist Church, Belmar, NJ. He is a past president of Monmouth Bible Institute, Farmingdale, NJ; an alumnus of Olford Ministries at Union University, Memphis, TN; and a former student of Old Testament History with Trinity College and Seminary, Newburgh, IN. Called to Christian service at an early age, Rev. Goddard was ordained in 1944, in his native country of Trinidad and Tobago, by the late Bishop Gabriel Hunt. He was commissioned in 1960 by Rev. L. Collymore, presiding Elder of the Pentecostal United Holy Church, for evangelistic work in the West Indies and Canada. After graduating from Moulton Hall Methodist School, Rev. Goddard attended the Royal Victoria Institute, an extension of the Institute of London and Guilds, graduating with honours as a Master Cabinet Maker. Rev. Goddard migrated to the United States of America in 1967 with his wife Marcelline, deceased, and their children. He now resides with his wife, Joy Marcia, in Lake Como, NJ. Apart from continuous church work, they are engaged in Prison Ministry and tangible supporters of youth furthering their education.


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