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If I could do anything right now, what would it be? It was that simple question that began an adventure of a lifetime, leading Merton to quit his job, leave everything he'd ever worked for, and pursue his lifelong dream of sailing the South Pacific. But just when he thought he was done working, reality reared its ugly head. Merton soon learned that while dreaming was one thing, bringing the dream to life was quite another. He had no boat, no experience as a sailor, and no clue how to navigate the challenges ahead. What he did have was the idealistic optimism that comes with inexperience; after all, how hard could it really be?In his revealing and humorous novel, Boat Works, author Tony Disanto takes a satirical look at the circumstances that can overcome even our best efforts in life. Unwittingly, Merton believed he could escape the absurdities of modern society by sailing into the sunset, only to find that life's difficulties are hard to escape. Boat Works takes readers on a hilarious voyage filled with big dreams, frequent disappointments, and a determination unlike any other. Merton is intent on conquering the oceans, but along the way, he discovers that the greatest satisfaction and happiness in life may come hidden within our greatest losses. Author Tony Disanto has been venturing out to sea since childhood. He has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean alone, east-bound and west-bound. He has also sailed the Caribbean Islands, from Barbados to Belize. Whenever he can get away from work as an engineer, he prefers to drop anchor in the calm and tranquil waters of the Bahamas, spending the winter months reading, writing, and exploring the more remote out-islands.


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