Patenting Stem Cell Technologies: Making a Claim Antoinette F. Konski Author
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Are stem cells patentable? What is the patenting process? What rights does a patent provide? Why should I patent? Applying for and obtaining a patent is a process that can be unpredictable and intimidating, although it does not necessarily need to be. Novice and experienced inventors often have questions regarding patenting and the patenting process. This e-book is provided to answer many questions regarding the patenting process before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”). It also generally describes the technologies typically patented in connection with regenerative medicine. This e-book is provided for informational purposes only and should not replace legal advice, which is necessary to anticipate and address the nuances of the patenting process. In addition, there are issues that should be considered and addressed when considering patenting isolated stem cells and associated technologies—such as the process for obtaining patent rights outside the United States, post-grant procedures for challenging patents, non-patent protection of intellectual property, and enforcement of patents through litigation—which are beyond the scope of this chapter.


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