As Flowers Go: Escape to Homeland Amazonia Ilko Minev Author
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While Licco Hazan, the narrator of this novel, was held captive at a Bulgarian labor camp in World War II, he could hardly imagine that one day héd have a much brighter future in the far-off, frightening Amazon.Accompanying the lives of this character and his family and people, Ilko Minev reconstructs the little-known and intriguing story of how Bulgaria's 50,000 Jews were saved from the gas chambers during the heinous Nazi domination of Europe. Torn apart from his brother as a young prisoner, Licco is fortunate enough to count on people who help him flee to the neutral nation of Turkey Help comes from an improbable source: Albert Göring, the brother of Hermann Göring (a top Nazi party leader and designated successor of Adolf Hitler). Albert Göring is instrumental in helping Licco and other jews escape from a sure death. On this journey Licco meets another escapee, Berta - the woman of his life. By several twists of fate, the young couple ends up building a new life in an unknown land, the hot and humid Amazon. Meanwhile, Liccós brother is still in Bulgaria, which has been transformed into a Soviet satellite under the dictatorship of Stalin.The title of the book takes its inspiration from the worl&dacute;s pacifist hymn Where have all the flowers gone, first made famous by the sensual voice of Marlene Dietrich. A must read.


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