Last Born: A Novel of Historical Fiction Joann Klusmeyer Author
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- The Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow Historical Fiction -Everyone Thought Thirteen Would DO NO GOODThe trilogy of WISHBONE HOLLOW is an inspiring story of an unlikely heroine from a small rural community in Arkansas. The American Red Cross was preparing for war in 1916 and 1917 when America and England were trying to make it go away, and Germany was forging ahead. In the midst of this uncertainty, a young and determined Arkansas girl, smitten with the desire to be a certified nurse-and bolstered by a praying grandpa, unusual (and unconventional) bravery, and almost certainly an overworked angelic guardian-begins a journey that shapes the future for her, the folk of Wishbone Hollow, and many souls across the Atlantic. Turns Out Thirteen Did Good for EveryoneLast Born: A Novel of Historical Fiction (Book 1 of the Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow)The people of Wishbone Hollow shook their collective heads. No good would come of that one, for everyone knew that thirteen was an unlucky number... especially for a Moffat who was related to the Hopkins. But everyone didn't include Granddad Hopkins, actually the retired Rev. Irvin Hopkins, Rowenna's maternal Grandfather. He started praying right then and there for Rowenna and never stopped. Good thing, too, for it seemed the Good Lord had added in more than a dash of fierceness and stubbornness along with all those smarts. This meticulously researched historical fiction novel was inspired by true historical events surrounding the Great War. Many historical endnotes and references are included. ABOUT THE AUTHORMs. Joann Klusmeyer is the daughter of pioneer missionary parents. She grew up in rural Arkansas and learned and served in the little country church her father built and then pastored. Ms. Klusmeyer is a prolific author with over 50 titles to her credit (and counting). Her historical fiction series for adults, set between the 1880s and the 1920s, include The Burnt Tree Junction Series, The Ozark Mountain Series, Taming the Wilderness Series, Wisps of Time Chronology Series, and The Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow.


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